How To Make Flying With Your Young Kids A Little Easier

Flying with young children is never an easy task. However, if you plan everything out right, you can make it through your next cross-country trip a little easier on everyone. 

Preparing For The Flight

Young children can be very uncomfortable flying. Young children do not understand what is happening when their ears pop, and they can have a hard time understanding the different rules that apply when flying on a plane. 

In order to prepare your kids, try reading them a story about flying or watching a clip of one of their favorite characters on an airplane. Use that as an opportunity to talk with them about how you have to behave on a plane so it is not completely unfamiliar for them. 

Be sure to pack up a bag that will help your kids get through the flight. Include snacks that your kids can munch on that will help them pop their ears. Include books and movies that they find entertaining. Be sure to include a few toys that will keep their hands busy, like their favorite stuffed animal or Play-Doh. When the seat belt light goes off, if your kids are too full of energy, get up and walk around.

Getting Off The Plane

Do not try to rush off the plane with everyone else. Keep your child in their seat and occupied, and allow the other passengers to get off around you. Once the plane has thinned out, put away whatever your child was looking at and get up to leave. If possible, have one parent get the luggage from baggage claims while the other parent entertains the children. 

Arrange For A Taxi To Pick Up Your Family

Finally, arrange a taxi to pick you up before you land. If you cannot prearrange for a taxi to pick you up, call for a taxi as soon as you land. In order to make this transition smoother, let the taxi company know that you are traveling with young children, and see if they send out a van or an SUV to pick you up. A van or SUV will be much easier to load your kids and your stuff into. You will not have to cramp your kids into a car, or take two separate taxis. Farwest Taxi is a reputable company you can call.

Order Dinner In

Once you arrive at your destination and check into your hotel, keep your stress level low by ordering in. Look up places you can order from before you even go on your trip. That way, once you get there, you can already know what you want and who to call. This will make getting your kids down and wrapping up your day of travel so much easier. 

With the right planning and foresight, your next cross-country trip with your young kids will go off without a hitch. The trick is to pack games and food to entertain your children, schedule a taxi van or SUV to pick you up, and order in food when you get to your hotel.