Three Etiquette Tips To Remember For Your First Limo Ride

If you haven't previously traveled by limo, knowing that a ride is coming up in the near future will have you carefully watching the days on the calendar. While limo transportation offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique type of ride while surrounded by friends or family, it's worthwhile to brush up on some simple etiquette tips that can help to avoid any potentially awkward or difficult situations. By familiarizing yourself with these simple rules, you'll show that even if it's your first limo trip, you're no novice when it comes to knowing how to behave. [Read More]

Four Reasons To Buy A Condominum For Your Staff To Use When Traveling

If you send your employees for training to a specific location year after year, consider buying a condominium located near the training facility so that you do not have to pay for hotel rooms every time you send someone to be trained. Purchasing a condominium to use for business purposes has many benefits. The following guide walks you through a positive aspects of purchasing a condominium for your staff to use when they travel for training. [Read More]

3 Travel Destinations That Are Perfect For Singles

While traveling with friends or family members might feel safe, going on a vacation alone can force you to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new. It can be difficult to find someone with the free time to accompany you on a trip when you are single, but that shouldn't slow you down. If you are looking for some travel destinations that cater to singles, here are three spots you won't want to miss. [Read More]

Practice Proper Tipping Etiquette When You Ride On An Airport Shuttle

Staying at a hotel near the airport that provides a shuttle service for guests is a simple way you can reduce the stress of your trip. No more trying to read the map as you drive, scrambling to find long-term parking and fretting about traffic—when you use a hotel's airport shuttle, it's simply a matter of handing your luggage to the driver, climbing on board and watching the view out of the window until you pull up at your terminal. [Read More]