What To Take On A Historic Walking Tour

If you're planning on a new city, one of the best ways to get to know it better is by signing up for a historic walking tour. If your destination has a rich history, it more than likely has a walkable historic district that is ideal for touring during the warmer months of the year. 

Historic walking tours can highlight many different aspects of the city's history, such as paranormal sites, buildings, houses, architecture, homes, cemeteries, and other local points of interest. Depending on the type of tour you join, it will either be guided or self-guided. If it's a self-guided tour, you'll most likely be given a map or audio to listen to during it. 

Prepare for the walking tour and ensure the most enjoyable experience possible by bringing and wearing the right items. For instance, pay attention to the weather forecast prior to the tour date, and pack accordingly. 

Following are some additional historic walking tour preparation tips: 

1. Dress for Comfort

Dressing for comfort during a long walking tour is essential since you want to be able to enjoy your surrounding and not worry about ill-fitting clothing and shoes. If you expect wet weather, wear rain boots to keep your feet dry. Otherwise, wear comfortable tennis shoes or sandals with good traction if you're walking through hilly or potentially slippery terrain.

If the temperature is expected to change throughout the day, dress in layers to avoid getting too hot or too cold. On particularly hot days, wear a tank top or T-shirt and shorts to avoid overheating. Bring an easy-to-carry bag, such as a fanny pack or a cross-body purse, to hold any essential items during the tour. 

2. Prepare for the Elements 

If you'll be spending a significant amount of time outside during your walking tour as you move from one historic landmark to the next, prepare for the elements as much as you can. During the hot spring and summer months, apply sunscreen prior to the tour, and bring some extra with you. If you're going on an evening walk, consider bringing bug spray in the destination is known for having mosquitoes. 

Carry either a light plastic poncho or a small umbrella with you in case of rain. A hat will also come in handy as protection from both rain and sun. Bring a stainless steel water bottle and light refreshments, such as crackers or a granola bar, with you so you can hydrate and refuel on the go.