Catch That Wave: Check Out One Of These Places To Learn To Surf

Often, when someone wants to learn to surf, they typically choose a Caribbean Island or the famous Hawaii beaches. If you are just learning to shoot the curls and have decided to take your vacation at a surf camp, then check out one of these lesser-known areas to catch that first wave.

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Playa Tamarindo has luxurious long beaches and miles of thick jungle to explore. The town is located near a traditional Tico village and the unpaved roads keep tourists to a minimum. The Costa Rica surf camps here can cater to females only if preferred and the lack of travelers makes for a more relaxing lesson.

Montauk, New York

While most people never think of surfing off New York state's shore, Montauk's waters can offer some very challenging surfing. Long Island's beach is mostly rocky and the water temperature usually does not go over 70 F at the most. However, the surf camps here have friendly and experienced instructors who can provide beginners with expert training.

Byron Bay, Australia

When people think of surfing in Australia, the famous Bondi Beach comes to mind. Byron Bay offers gentler waves for beginners along with a New Age feel, with crystal healers and astrologers vying for your attention once you leave the waves behind for the day.

Itacare, Brazil

This small community is a nature lover's paradise and provides a beautiful backdrop for surf camp enthusiasts. The area is surrounded by UNESCO–protected rain forest, waterfalls and gorgeous native birds. The beaches are long with large swells for any surf fan.

Surfer's Point, Barbados

The majority of surfers still have not discovered this jewel of the Caribbean. The waves are perfect for those just learning and the water is warm and soothing. There are camps here that offer private lessons, group lessons and some also offer other water sports like snorkeling or kayaking, while the town has some great clubs for taking in the nightlife.

Tofino, Canada

While not a tropical location, Tofino, Canada offers great beginner surf camps. There are multi-day camps that can cater to both parents and kids and the surrounding forest is a terrific backdrop for lessons. Since the camps are held during July and August, the weather is perfect for camping or hiking and rock climbing at the nearby national park. You could also decide to go whale-watching on your vacation on your days off from shooting the curls.