Practice Proper Tipping Etiquette When You Ride On An Airport Shuttle

Staying at a hotel near the airport that provides a shuttle service for guests is a simple way you can reduce the stress of your trip. No more trying to read the map as you drive, scrambling to find long-term parking and fretting about traffic—when you use a hotel's airport shuttle, it's simply a matter of handing your luggage to the driver, climbing on board and watching the view out of the window until you pull up at your terminal. While many hotels offer this service to their guests with no cost, it's proper etiquette to tip your driver for the help he or she provides. Here's the approach to take when you tip. 

Know The Suggested Amount

The conventional approach to tipping a shuttle driver is to give $2, according to some websites. Travelers can certainly tip beyond this recommended guideline, depending on the specifics of the shuttle ride. Keep in mind that proper etiquette dictates that you should tip $2 per person; if you're traveling with a spouse and children, for example, the tip you give the driver should reflect the number of people in your group.

Consider Help With Luggage And Other Factors

While you can always consider the driver's friendliness and smoothness behind the wheel when you're determining the precise amount that you wish to tip, a notable factor that influences your tip should be the help you receive with your luggage. If you're traveling light or don't require the help of the driver, you don't need to feel obligated to tip beyond the $2 guideline. If the driver loads and unloads a selection of luggage on your behalf, however, tipping about $1 per item is a way to show your thanks. It's ideal to consider the size and weight of your luggage—you may wish to tip a little more generously for a heavy or awkward bag, for example.

Tip When You Reach The Destination

Even if you're in a hurry to hustle off the shuttle and get to your gate, don't skip the tip. Get the right amount of cash together before you reach the destination and look to see if the shuttle has a tip jar at the front, as is common in these vehicles. If not, hand the tip to the driver and say "thank you" before you leave the shuttle or if you've received assistance with your luggage, after the driver hands you your items.

For further assistance, contact a local airport transportation provider, such as Naples Transportation & Tours.