Three Etiquette Tips To Remember For Your First Limo Ride

If you haven't previously traveled by limo, knowing that a ride is coming up in the near future will have you carefully watching the days on the calendar. While limo transportation offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique type of ride while surrounded by friends or family, it's worthwhile to brush up on some simple etiquette tips that can help to avoid any potentially awkward or difficult situations. By familiarizing yourself with these simple rules, you'll show that even if it's your first limo trip, you're no novice when it comes to knowing how to behave. Here are three things to remember.

Be On Time

While being on time is a common etiquette rule for virtually every situation, it's highly valuable when you'll be traveling by limo. Limo rentals are done in specific blocks of time—typically a few hours. If you're not at the pickup spot at the designated time, the rest of your group will be forced to wait, which can take a chunk out of the allotted rental period. Exceeding this time period can lead to a surcharge that can dampen the mood of the group, so be sure you're always on time.

The Doors Are The Driver's Responsibility

It's considered poor limo etiquette to open and close the passenger doors on your own. Whether you're the last one into the vehicle or you're just especially excited to get out once you arrive at your first stop, leave the door duties to the driver—he or she will be arriving quickly to shut the door behind you or open it to let you out. Taking on this job yourself identifies you as a newbie traveler and might even make for an awkward moment with the driver.

Have Some Cash Ready For Tipping

The person who books the limo is customarily responsible for tipping the driver. If you're in charge, make sure that you have enough cash available to tip the driver 10 to 15 percent; this amount can fluctuate based on how happy you were with the experience. If someone else booked the transportation, it's polite to ensure that you have some cash on hand so that you can offer to contribute toward the tip. You won't likely know exactly how much the limo cost to book, but making sure to carry several bills of a variety of different denominations can allow you to chip in easily. It's a small price to pay for the upscale transportation and the person who arranged everything will appreciate your foresight.