Renewing Your Wedding Vows? Set Up The Perfect Hotel Room

If you and your spouse are planning to renew your wedding vows, there are romantic ways you can do this. If the hotel you are staying in is close, you can set up the perfect room for this very special day.

The Hotel

When renewing your wedding vows, find a hotel that has a marriage suite. Make sure the suite is spacious enough, has a very large bed, has a large bathroom with a large bathtub, etc.


Roses are the flower of love. Purchase some red roses, and set a vase of them on each side of the bed on the nightstand. Ask the florist if they have rose petals they can sell you. If not, purchase a separate bunch of roses and pull off the petals.

Scatter the petals on the bed, or put them in the shape of a heart. You could also simply put a few petals on the pillows, or put a trail of rose petals on the floor. Scatter some rose petals around and in the large bathtub.


Download some romantic music on your MP3 player. Most hotels today have docking stations where you can hook them up. Check with the hotel to see if they have portable speakers. If not, bring your own and set them up so the MP3 player plays the music through them. Play the music very low, as this will make it more romantic.


Most hotels smell clean when you walk in, but generally not fragrant. Purchase your spouse's favorite fragrance spray, and spray it around the room. Make sure you do not spray it too much, however; you do not want the smell to be too strong.


You can purchase some candles to put around the room, as well as around the large bathtub. Call the hotel staff right before you arrive to light the candles for you. Most hotels will be glad to do this for you, especially when you tell them why.


Most hotels have beautiful comforters for their beds, but you can make it even better. Purchase some satin sheets to put on the bed. You may also want to purchase a new comforter, such as one made with faux fur.

Chocolate and Champaign

Have a bottle of champagne sitting in a bowl of ice so you can celebrate this happy day. Set a bowl full of strawberries and chocolate on the nightstand to go along with the champagne.

Renewing your wedding vows is a beautiful thing to do, and having the perfect hotel room can make it even more beautiful and romantic. Contact luxury inn & suites companies to find the perfect room for your getaway.