2 Destinations For Couples Looking For A Beach Wedding

If you and your fiancé want to have your wedding at the beach, then you're probably looking for interesting and beautiful locations. This article will give you twp suggestions.

Big Island, Hawaii

The Big Island (Hawaii) is the largest island in the Hawaiian island chain. The best area to look for a hotel is on the western coast, or Kona. The Kona area is where the large white sand beaches are. It is perfect for a wedding for a number of reasons. First, there are many hotels that cater to couples that are looking to have a beach wedding.

They have the entire process down to an art and a science. You can find an all-inclusive package for both you and your guests. You won't have to worry about arranging and micromanaging the ceremony. Instead, you can enjoy your special moment.

The other great thing about the Big Island is that there is so much to do. You can spend your honeymoon hiking volcanoes, snorkeling in the ocean, and exploring the lush rain forest terrain on the Northern and Eastern coast.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If you're on a bit of a budget, you might take a look at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean and is very affordable. It's also a quick trip from Florida: it's only around a two-hour flight.

Because Punta Cana is so affordable, and so close to the United States, it is a very popular tourist destination. This is why it would be best to look for a hotel that has a private beach. This will let you control the environment and not have to deal with strangers walking into your ceremony area. There are some large hotel chains, as well as luxury boutique hotels, that have entire wedding packages available. These packages include everything from flowers, seating arrangements, makeup and hair styling, to food and beverage.

Punta Cana has lots of fun activities to do before the special day as well as on your honeymoon. The beaches are fantastic for tanning. There are also boat tours that take you offshore and tour around the island. In addition to snorkeling and scuba diving, there are also a number of premiere golf courses on the island.

While Punta Cana is very safe, as are some of the other tourist friendly areas such as Puerto Plata, the same cannot be said of other areas, including Santa Domingo. Therefore you should restrict your travels to Punta Cana and not travel into the interior of the country.