Rideshare Vs. Airport Taxi: A Brief Breakdown

Ridesharing is all the rage among travelers nowadays. They're usually cheaper than taxis, so it's no surprise that the money-conscious prefer them to traditional airport taxis and shuttle services. Looking deeper, however, it becomes clear why airport taxis haven't gone away yet. When it comes to the cost of travel, the safety of the ride, and the knowledge of the drivers, a taxi might be the better choice.

Price. Ridesharing can be less expensive than an airport taxi service, but the pricing can fluctuate. Airport taxi services, on the other hand, typically have flat rates when shuttling between the airport and area hotels. This means you won't be surprised at the end of a ride by a larger-than-expected cost when the rates go up during rush hour. You don't have to worry about the cancellation fee that rideshare services usually come with if you take an airport taxi instead. As a bonus, you won't feel awkwardly guilted into giving a bigger tip when you hear why your driver resorted to being a rideshare driver.

Safety. Sure, stepping into a car with a stranger sounds iffy, whether it's a rideshare or a taxi. But we can assume the average rideshare driver has no more of a chance of being shady than the average taxi driver. When it comes to safety, we're really talking about regulations. Rideshare cars and drivers are not regulated like taxi services are. Taxis have to go through regular safety inspections and have to carry liability insurance than covers their passengers. Rideshare drivers do not have the same regulations.

Knowledge.  Here, rideshares and taxis might be more evenly matched. Rideshare drivers usually live in the cities where they drive, which means they can give you the lowdown on the best places to visit or places to eat from an insider's perspectives. Taxi drivers can, too, and they usually know quite a bit about their regular routes. However, talking to a rideshare driver can be a little less intimidating than the taxi driver. After all, a rideshare drive is a little less formal.

Overall, rideshare services have their place in travel, but so do taxis. A savvy traveler always looks deeper than the current trends to make sure they get the best deal for their dollar. Airport shuttle services and taxis, like Yellow Cab and others, will always be the classic, reliable choice for people coming and going from their flights.