4 Must See Attractions When You Visit Transylvania

If you're planning a trip to Transylvania, then you should make up a list before you go of some don't-miss-sites. The list below will include two great architectural and historical points of interest, as well as two areas that will be a highlight for nature lovers.

Architectural and Historical Points Of Interest

Visit Dracula's Castle

This should be a definite stop on your trip. The location is Bran castle. It is a medieval castle that served as the inspiration for Dracula's castle in the novel by Bram Stoker. The castle is full of amazing artwork, as well as intricate hidden passageways that you can see during a guided tour. There is also a re-creation of a old-world peasant village at the base of the castle.

History buffs will love touring around the castle, as it was a site of battles with the Mongols, and also played a part during the battles with the Ottoman Empire.

Walk Around The Historic City Of Sighișoara

While many areas in Transylvania are modern and cosmopolitan, Sighisoara has maintained much of its old world charm. It is walled town and has many classic towers which were originally used to keep a watch out for intruders looking to sack the town. These towers were also used as meeting places (such as Sighișoara Clock Tower, which was the town hall.)

There are lots of nice restaurants to eat at and also live music and theater in the town. You can stroll down the cobblestone streets and marvel at the old wooden architecture.There are outdoor performances, as well as outdoor seating at many cafes.

Destinations For Nature Lovers

See Brown Bears In The Brasov Mountains

If you are looking to see brown bears in their natural habitat, then you are in luck. You can head to the Brasov Mountains and see these bears roaming free. This is defiantly a much different experience than seeing bears in captivity in a zoo. You can get a guided Transylvania tour of the Brasov section of the Carpathian Mountains. The tours are small and designed for people who want both a great hiking excursion, as well as the chance to see bears in the wild.

Soak In The Mineral Springs At Bear Lake

If you like swimming, and want a spa like experience, then head to Bear Lake. This lake was formed because of the collapse of a salt mine, and ever since that time has been a huge tourist attraction to people looking to soak in its soothing waters. The lake does have restrictions, such as limiting people from swimming in it during noontime. This is done to make sure the lake is not disturbed.